Manchester City on the middle of the road to the title

Manchester City on the middle of the road to the title

Manchester City on the middle of the road to the title - this is the balance of the first half of the Premier League of England. Everton was the only team that managed not to lose the Citizens and finished 1: 1 of Ethydd. 18 beat and one draw improved all possible Premier League records. The skyscrapers are in the whirlwind and scored 60 hits against admitted only 12 in their door.

The story does not seem to end, given the program in the condensed part of the season. Manchester City has Newcastle and Crystal Palace battles, two teams that are only at a point in the relegation zone. After a new year, he is following Midwatch Watford, so the cycle will not be so terrible for Pep Guardiola's boys.

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Visiting Newcastle today should not make it particularly difficult for City. The swarms have 4 losses in their last 5 matches, having only 1 win and 1 draw in the last 10 league season against this rival! Total Domination of Citizens in the Clash, Murderous Form and Extreme Self-Confidence.

The struggle for the silver medals

It's hard to imagine Manchester City losing the title this season. 12 points ahead of the top, and instability from the pursuers back this claim. At the foot of the top, the battle seems far more interesting. Manchester United and Chelsea led their rivals slightly and had 4 points ahead of the fourth. Here somewhere I think that Jose Mourinho's tactics will play a bad joke at some point in the ranking. Competition also records poor performances, but Red Devils are not convincing with their game. The minimum wins are too many, which, combined with the draws and losses of the team, will be heavier. The team did not score goals only once in their last 9 matches in all tournaments, failing to beat more than one goal difference in 7 consecutive matches. The start of the season seems to be forgotten.

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Chelsea is not far from United. The blues also perform pragmatically and only in their last 8 households have achieved 5 wins with 1 goal difference. The form at home is what can make the difference at the end of the season.

Fight for top 4

In the comment I will add Liverpool. Merseysides once again show the same person. The atomic attack is garnished with unique defenses in defense. Great 7: 0 wins 4: 1 in the next match. And again, for whatever time - the draw will play a bad joke. So far, they have been 8, with only West Brom having one more than all the 20 teams in the Premier League. It is indicative that Liverpool recorded three 3: 3 so far in the season. The Reds, however, seem to have an idea closer to the top 3 than the other contenders. The team does not lose and scores many goals. It will be interesting to get out of the next two matches with teams in good shape - Lester and Burnley. But I think Liverpool will be completing the four-season end of the season.

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Arsenal show extreme instability in its results. The goal difference from 34: 23 shows only 11 goals in favor of Gunners. 2 achieved victories away from home from 9 guests are not fit for a team with such high goals. Tottenham's inertia also keeps the team away from the top.

Without a derby during the holidays, yet the Premier League will again offer many emotions and unexpected twists.

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