Играй с 1xBet и спечели геймърски Acer Predator Orion 9000

Играй с 1xBet и спечели геймърски Acer Predator Orion 9000
Announcements of the UEFA Nations League best matches
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The Nations League

Πολωνία vs Πορτογαλία
The Poles failed at the World Cup but started well at Nations League. Draw in Italy was not boring at all. At home they haven’t lost quite a long time, even a draw result is rare for their opponents. Without Ronaldo the Portuguese managed to defeat the Italians. They will go further without him too. Fernardo Santos was playing defensively and it seems that style won’t change.
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Μαυροβούνιο vs Σερβία

Serbia and Montenegro were the only stares from former Yugoslavia that comprised a united one until 2006. After 12 years they will meet as independent states for the first time. It must be something. The Serbs class is significantly higher but in such matches the character plays the main role.

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Βέλγιο vs Ελβετία
Both national teams are in a good shape. Belgium for several years couldn’t justify its favourite status. At the last World Cup they managed to get into semi-finals. Not bad indeed, but they can do even better than that. KDB absence won’t prevent the hosting team from domination. However, Switzerland is really patient. Their midfield is known as hardworking one. The also gave an impressive start with 6 goals score and nil conceded against Iceland. Maybe it’s the time for open football?
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Κροατία vs Αγγλία

The Chequered started with a catastrophe in Spain. How long will they recover? The Englishmen also lost at Wembley against the Spaniards but in equal match. As a result, we have two satisfied national teams. They also have the contempt to each other which started in the match where The Englishmen were defeated and couldn’t get into Euro-2008. The match in Riek will take place without audience.

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άλλες εκδηλώσεις

Tennis. Shanghai Masters

Prize fund in this competition is now more than 8 million dollars. Rating points are also the reason to take part in it. Nadal and Murray won’t go there (the last one played in four finals in Shanghai). Favourites are Djokovic and Federer. Together they won 5 titles there. Are Zverev, Cilic and Del Potro capable of competing for the title?

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