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Liverpool vs Tottenham
Anfield (Liverpool, England) 04/02/2018
There is not enough space for all the big English clubs in the Champions League. This simple truth haunts at least five clubs. And two of them are playing against each other in this tour. “Liverpool” won 5 out of 6 last matches of the Premier League. “Tottenham” has 9 matches without loosing, 7 of which ended with wins.

They beat “Manchester United” on the last tour and now they are finally ready to get back to the leaders. But there is one little thing: it’s extremely difficult for the “Spurs” to play at “Anfield”. They’ve lost twice in a row there. Is there anything they can do about it?

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Top Events of the Week
Burnley vs Manchester
How can competitors cope with “Manchester City”, if it plays perfectly even under the pressure and doesn’t let competitors have a ball? The bus? Experience shows it’s not the answer. Guardiola lost only one game to “Liverpool” during the season, because Liverpool’s players ran like mad. Also, the team with such a black serie can hardly expect something. “Burnley” isn’t winning 9 matches in a row, 5 of which are lost.
Monaco vs Lyon

An intrigue of the French Championship is the following: who will be the first after PSG and who won’t join the Champions League? These questions are concerning three clubs. “Lyon” pulled ahead a bit, beat even Paris and lost in Bordeaux right away. The Monegasques won only once in four matches in Ligue 1 and got a draw in three other games. Please, pay attention that both teams played all last 5 face-to-face matches with over.

Espanyol vs Barcelona

The Catalonians fought in a two-round match during the Copa del Rey in January. Each of them got one win, but “Barcelona” took the total one. Now there will be a new derby. “Espanyol” has only their stadium as an advantage and it’ll be hard to find other aces. We can hardly expect any sloth-like pace from the competitor. The “Blue and Red” got hurt only once and will be probably in a mood against the “White and Blue”.

vs Valencia
“Valencia” gives us only positive emotions in this season. The team changed and got back to the inner circle of Primera’s leaders. But the “Bets” are tired. Marcelino’s football takes too much energy; the team worked hard in the last tour with “Real” but didn’t get even a draw. “Atlético” had a failure in January, but it concerns only the Cup’s matches and the “Indians” are ready and become stronger with each match.
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Other events


The biggest TV audience among sports events, the most profitable match, the most expensive ads and more definitions which begin with “the most”. It’s the big event even for those who don’t like sport. You need to know that “Philadelphia Eagles” got into the Super Bowl twice and left without a prize twice too. “New England Patriots” is a regular guest in a final, they won 5 games out of 9. And now they are considered to be the favorite because they had won an incredible fight in overtime.



It’s one of the oldest tournaments on the planet. British rugby teams compete since the 19th century! France joined them at the beginning of the 20th century and Italy did the same in the beginning of the 21st century. Experts think the most likely winners of the forthcoming tournament are England and Ireland. The match between them will be on 17th, March and the current champion, England, will have its own field as an advantage. The Frenchmen can surprise the audience in a home match with the Irish.


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